Private Hospital Care

Being a patient in a hospital can be a frightening experience for both the young and old. Hospital staff have many demands to meet and cannot always be there when the patient needs them. The hospitalization of a family member, especially if it becomes extended can be an exhausting overwhelming experience.

Chesapeake Home Care can be there to help. A certified nursing assistant can be one on one with a patient that needs reassurance and extra care. The certified nursing assistant will be right at the bedside to provide care with toileting, bathing, assistance with meals, feeding, changing T-V channel, reading to the client, making phone calls, and any time the patient needs the assistance. The certified nursing assistance would also assure that the patient remains in a safe environment, providing gentle reminders to orient patient not to climb out of bed, orienting them to being in the hospital, meeting personal care needs, or just offering a hand to hold for comfort.