Helping Elderly Prepare for Fall Temperature



Fall has arrived and it’s a reminder that this summer has been all too short. This means that it’s time to start preparing for autumn, and that goes double for elderly adults living alone or in other home arrangements. The beginning of autumn brings a spike in season-related falls and illnesses as the changing weather sets in. When the temperature drops, we tend to stay indoors more, but still spend a lot of time outdoors during the early months. This requires twice the preparation, which can be difficult for elderly adults that live on their own and have to maintain property. Still, fall can be a really fun and beautiful time of year for everyone, the key is to take these steps to get ready.

Seasonal vaccines: Cold and flu season starts in the fall and with temperatures already dipping and adults staying indoors, seasonal illnesses start early too so get your seasonal flu vaccine. Wash your hands carefully with hot, soapy water for at least 30 seconds to control the spread of germs. You should also get plenty of sleep, like the rest of the year, to keep your immune system strong and you healthy.

Outdoor precautions: Summer has the reputation of being the season of yard work and outdoor activities, but autumn is still warm enough to enjoy time outside. The season can pose some obstacles in that rains create slick surfaces and falling leaves can contribute to unsafe conditions. There can be a lot of work involved with maintaining a safe outdoor space and walkways during autumn, so it’s best to hire a landscaping service to rake leaves and perform last trims before the winter. This way you can help prevent debris on your walkways and steps, but it’s important to still be careful when outside.

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