Epic Snow, Epic Commitment from Chesapeake Home Care Staff


A big thank you to all our dedicated 2016 Blizzard Chesapeake Home Care Staff.

Many of you actually became “part of the family” during Blizzard 2016. You stayed with your client and their family for 24 hours a day to assure care was provided to your client. We also would like to extend a thank you to our clients and their families for their hospitality and warm welcome to staff that remained with them in their home. Chesapeake Home Care Staff and Clients are the best!

Margaret Ajayi-Crippen- Our great planner! Contacted a friend with a “snowplow” to drive her to the home of her client.
Michelle Allen- My client had me put my car in their garage! Oh no, 2 feet of snow blocked me
Adam Moore- Getting to the client home was the easy part, getting home was the challenge.
Zita Odeamena – Scheduled staff cannot get in, I will work one more day.
Denise Vaughan- Stayed with her client Friday 7am-Monday 3pm and even bought her own bed.
Williams-Stayed with her client and family for 4 days, and came in on the fifth for her regular shift. 

See our list of home care providers by visiting our home care site!

If you are an unsung snow hero please let us know. We want to thank you!!

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