Dimentia Related Disorders and How CHC Can Help


Clients who demonstrate dementia symptoms become more dependent on others to care for them. A majority of the time they do not realize they are in need of assistance and simple tasks may become challenging. Our Home Health Aides are able to supply our clients with the help they need to live their day to day lives, and encourage them to participate in stimulating activities that will help maintain their critical thinking skills and brain function.

Dementia care may be needed for those with the following diseases and disorders:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Lewy Body Dementia
Endocrine Disorders
Nutritional Deficiencies
Brain Tumors

There are several specific activities our caregivers and the client participate in that help the customer have a calm rationale, encourage thinking, and maintain their memory.

Common activities for dementia clients:

Music therapy
Engaging activities
Scheduled visits with relatives and friends
Crafts and hobbies

It is important to realize that many individuals who suffer from dementia symptoms will not even know they are sick and insist that they are capable of being on their own. Sadly that is usually not the case, and they will need help from family or a trusted professional. Staying in one’s own home can be important for maintaining mental health, as their home provides them with a sense of security, and it ties them to years of memories they have with their loved ones. Staying in a familiar environment should be considered while researching options for caring for a relative with dementia, as it can be therapeutic for your loved one.

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