CHC Recognizes Clinical Excellence


The entire CMS Administrative Team hosted a warm reception for a group of special individuals and their guests on a very chilly evening January 23, 2014. Clinical Excellence Awards was presented to the following CMS clinicians:

  • Tony Payne CNA
  • Mel Bosley RN
  • Lonita Broome RN
  • Jeff McDowell RN
  • Alexia Plummer RN
  • Kim Daniels RN
  • Drew Libertini RN
  • Deb Lanehart RN
  • Steve Benko RN
  • Morgan Reeves RN
  • Kim Earnest RN
  • Joey Middleton RN
  • Kim Shaneybrook RN
  • Lisa Himmel RN
  • Ivan Buitrago RN
  • Jackie Ukadike RN
  • Amanda York RN
  • Deidre Robinson CNA
  • Margaret Ajayi-Crippen CNA
  • Rachana Homagain RN
  • Mark Carr RN
  • Ronda Davis CNA
  • Tobyan Motley RN
  • Pam Meyer RN
  • Dana Webb RN
  • Megan Wright RN
  • Marina Edwards RN
  • Jordan Saunders CNA
  • Missy Conover NP

A sincere thank you is extended to this group of clinicians who have helped us build the reputation we have earned as the #1 agency in the area. To all of our dedicated care providers in the hospital, outpatient, school or home setting, we are grateful for the care and compassion you extend to those entrusted to you. Our mission to provide seamless supplemental staffing resulting in the best possible outcomes is achieved by our clinical staff. We appreciate and applaud you as a vital member of our team!

Check out all of the photos here!

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