CHC Implements Leading Software Technology


Home Care by its very definition helps people to age in place. In addition, home care technology provides essential tools to permit aging in place. Chesapeake Home Care has integrated a new technology to provide higher accountability and transparency to track all the details of each interaction with your loved one. This new technology will assure access to compassionate and consistent care across the continuum.

Telephony and GPS Time Cards – these new features allow us to verify our caregivers’ locations through GPS or Telephony tracking as they call in/log-in to ensure their timely arrival at our clients home as well as tracking all the days activities electronically.

The Family Portal feature allows our clients to view their upcoming schedule, to see which caregivers are scheduled, view past scheduled shifts, and communicate through the message board. You will also find copies of all paperwork signed during the initial intake under the “Documents” tab. Each family member can register to access the portal!

More about key features of ADLware:

GPS Time Card

ADLware provides the industry’s only Mobile Device Time Card. Home care operates primarily on its remote workforce. ADLware’s unique solution allows Chesapeake Home Care to verify our caregivers’ locations through GPS tracking as they log-in to ensure their timely arrival at the assigned client’s home or facility.

ADLware’s customizable task reporting feature also allows us to create a task menu tailored to the needs of our individual clients so that caregivers can easily report the activities they perform during a shift. Many home care software systems use telephony, but no one has built-in telephony like ADLware. With our telephony system you see real time results right in the system and on our Family Cares portal (online family portal). We share with our client’s families instant access to digital time stamps along with the activities that were performed by the caregiver. This information doesn’t need to be manually downloaded at the end of each day like many other systems, but instantly appears as it happens right in our system. ADLware allows us to manage the creation of all of our careplan tasks, create alerts for tasks performed, displays that information in real-time for office use and family review. Clients can request only reporting ADL’s , or expand to report everything from care tasks, to client mood and appetite. Client Injured? Caregiver Injured? Get an email and alert the second the caregiver reports it.

FamilyCARES Portal

ADLware’s HomeCare Software includes the FamilyCARES Family Access Portal for the client and their families. Families can also invite doctors, care managers and more to have access and interact with each other. ADLware is built on the idea that information should be transparent and available to all. The Family access portal allows Chesapeake Home Care to communicate with all of those who the client has shared access.

Long Term Care Insurance

Real-Time Shift logs allow families to review shift times, clock-ins, activities performed as well as download these reports for Long Term Care insurance reimbursement. Whether we manage the assignment of benefit or the family, the portal allows the shift logs with the ADL history to be printed and sent to Long Term Care Insurance companies for reimbursement. ADLware HomeCare Software allows Chesapeake Home Care to easily generate the documentation needed for reimbursement from Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) companies.

iPhone App

Case Managers, Nurses, and Geriatric Care Managers can view the clients, diagnosis, care plan, scheduled shifts and assigned caregivers. This App makes notes available in the full online system immediately. The App also allows assignment of To Do’s for office staff, scheduling or billing from our client service representatives and case managers in the field. Address, Phone numbers, email, and URL’s are all fully integrated to the iPhone application proving seamless calling, website look-up, driving directions, and email communication.
Worried about security? Secure encrypted data transfer and no data is stored on your phone allowing Chesapeake Home Care to provide a secure HIPAA compliant access to the same data in our back office.

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